Yoga Instructors


April took her first yoga teacher training in 2007, since then she began to teach. Finding more passion in yoga day after day, she carried on and took teacher training in laughing yoga, yin, pre-natal and aerial yoga, together with the professional certificate in fitness instruction.

Yoga brings a lot of benefits to April - a healthy body and  skin, younger face, "go with the flow" mindset and lighter footstep. April shares her love of yoga not by telling how superb it is, but to guide her students to experience and feel it by themselves.

She focuses on teaching each class with whole heart, hoping her students would begin from liking the class, to actually enjoying the reward yoga brings and finally be in love with yoga. 


Professional Choreographer, Dancer; Dance & Pilates Coach

Dance Genres: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary Dance

Jun Mabaquiao was a Senior Soloist Company Member of Ballet Philippines & Hong Kong Ballet since 1986. He has performed in Theatres all over Asia, Europe & America for 25 years. He is also a Certified Dance Pilates Mat Instructor who gives private tuition & group classes in all the major clubs in HK, The HKCricket Club & HKCountry Club. 

Past achievements:

  • In November 2012, choreographed a Finale Piece for the Cirque d’Soleil Performers. Also, choreographed & performed for a Montblanc Event in Shanghai

  • From September to December 2013, was invited to lecture about Inter-Disciplinary Skills for the graduating class & create a dancepiece which was showcased by Dance 2 students of the Academy of the Performing Arts.

Recent choreographies & production:

Events: Moiselle-Hong Kong (April-’13), Cartier-Shenyang (Sep.-’13), Montblanc-Hong Kong (Oct.-’13), Vertu-Shanghai(Nov.-’13)

Production: Choreographed for the Chinese International School 30th Anniversary(Mar-’14), APAC for HKIS,  ‘Lux’ for the Dance 2 Students @ the Academy of the Performing Arts.


Raised in Hong Kong. Graduated of a Bachelors Degree in Visual Art, and a Master Degree in Philosophy. Qualified RYT 200 yoga instructor. Suffered from working injuries and imbalance lifestyle leads Christine step on the yoga mat. Yoga practice not only heals her body but keep inspires her life. She strongly believes that is the correct way of living. Breathing and body alignment are the key words in Christine’s class to heal the intense body and mind. “Mindfulness” is her life long practice to retrieve the inner-peace and joy. 


Connie was introduced to Yoga for more than 15 years ago. Being a dancer herself, she appreciates the flexibility that yoga grants her. Not only did her posture improve, yoga also provides her with a strong and healthy body and mind. Her passion led her to make up the mind to open Amico studio which can bring more happiness and peace to the world.


KESHU    Yoga Instructor & Fitness Trainer

MBA, Msc(yoga), CFT(ISSA), PGDY, DY

He was started in yoga practice from INDIA 2001 (Origin & tratitional yoga) and attend many yoga competition from INDIA - District level, State level, National level, won many prizes along with certificates, won international yoga championship 2007 held at THAILAND.

He has teaching experince from 2007, He was teaching from INDIA  many Schools, College’s, yoga workshop, Guest lecture, yoga awareness program and etc,,, then He was teaching ABUDHABI (UAE) from 2013

His knowledge about yoga practical and theory- Hatha yoga, Astanga yoga,  Vinyasa yoga,  Hot flow and etc,,,, he is passionate and deticated yoga teacher 


Rekha is a passionate-driven and firm believer of yoga and its importance to everyone in everyday life. Being a regular practitioner of Yoga, she remains as committed today as she was twenty-two years ago, when she first started.

Rekha has spent the majority of her time in India, where she has completed advanced courses in yoga from Andhra University, having secured top grades for each and every one of her courses. Her depth of knowledge and experience spreads across Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Pregnancy, Therapeutic Yoga for various conditions of the human body, and Meditation.


Irene was a former artist with The Hong Kong Ballet throughout her 10 years career. She performed numerous principal roles with the company.

Irene"s Romania ballet teacher has brought yoga to her life since 1994. Yoga healed her asthma and serious back injury during her mid-dancing career. Her dedication to yoga practice brings her new knowledge of life, the balance between the mind and physical body with the deep connection of her soul which awakens the sensation of the body and the awareness of mind. 

Yoga has been part of her life in the past 20 years, and Irene would really love to share all these wonderful experiences to people around her, bringing the light, joy and warmth to their lives. 

Irene is a certificated yoga instructor under Yoga Alliance, also the certificate of Yoga Anatomy by Ellen Heel. She has been teaching Hot, Hatha, Yin, Yin Yang yoga for the past 9 years, injury work as well as working with groups of dancers internationally for dance safety and body conditioning. In 2013, she was certified as a Anti-Gravity yoga instructor.


Rose has been enthusiastic in Yoga practice since 2003, and still going on, practising Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga and Yin Yang Yoga, Rope Yoga and so on.. 

Rose completed the International Yoga Academy RYS 200 Certificate credited by Asana Andiappan College of Yoga & Research, India. Aided and Approved by Central Council for Research in Yoga & Neturopathy – New Delhi – India.

She also completed The Energetics of Excellence with The Pure Yoga Advanced Teacher Training Course, Sept 2014 taught and led by Master Patrick Creelman. Now she is a member of Yoga Alliance, USA.

From Om to tone, and to tone to Om. Asana, Intention, Manifestation, Thankfulness, Harmonization, Relaxation, Unity and Enjoyment... this is the Yoga lifestyle Rose genuinely initiates and believes.


Yogaraj CP was initiated into Yoga at the age of 5 by his father, S. Chidhambaram. He has participated and won many Yoga Competitions since 1988 to 2011. He won the championship award at the State Yoga Competition in India and was awarded the title “Yogaraj” meaning “King of Yoga”.

He started teaching Yoga at the age of 17 and came to Hong Kong in 2003. He made 3 remarkable Guinness World Records in Yoga in 2009, 2011 & 2015. The latest one is he finished more than 1,500 different yoga postures in 40 hours and 15minutes longer marathon in yoga that he has a great privilege to lead the performance of 300 students at Temple of Heaven in Beijing during Indian Prime Minister' visit in China.


Dance in the Sky  Yoga in my Mind

Start with stretching from the classroom, Cynthia walks into the world of yoga. Cynthia will be different into their own body ‧ ‧ spiritual heart "change" and "process."

Dance from the ground to the air, twenty dancing career life bringing Cynthia suffered multiple injuries and numerous injuries, but it could not pick up this love cut. From a Thai trip, Cynthia had tried flying yoga and she was deeply and totally felt  in love with the feeling of dancing in the air. Later, She got a flying yoga instructor certificate and let the dancing life continues, but stopped the damage.

Healing Journey, ten yoga course, many living in the birthplace of yoga ── "India", on the north to the Himalayas, to obtain 200 hours during the holy yoga instructor certificate in Rishikesh, follow different from yoga master learning, and many times to Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore and other places to study the planet carrier. In addition to the correct asanas, the process, the greater the learning is self-awareness, from every movement or stillness, recognizing the strong and weak body, mind and recognize emotions, slowly walked into the "body mind ‧ ‧ spirit" The healing journey.

Every day, whether in the body or apart from the body, there is always more or less harm to bring their own, not only need to open the mind, the body also needs reinforcement skeleton, with yoga, rebalancing the state, enjoy the peaceful joy, surprise changes in the body .


Aerial Yoga Instructor, interested in Pole Dance and Aerial Hoop.

Kyo has been dancing for 4 years and also performed on pole and other aerial disciplines such as hoop, silks, hammock dance.

In her class, she will give students the opportunity to master essential, basic skills and knowledge before they move on to the next level. And She will expand on objectives for students who have mastered the basics.

Wishing to deepen her knowledge, Kyo enrolled 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training and keep learn from different well-known aerial artists from worldwide. IN order to enrich her knowledge and skills, these can also share to her students.


- 20 hours Flying Flow Teacher Training Course

- Finalist in the KFLY International Aerial Yoga Tournament 2016 (Beijing, China)

- Aerial hoop and Aerial silks instructor

- Pole instructor and Cardio dance instructor

- Participant of the Workshop in Rozvrh kurzů | Vertigo Pole Fitness in 2016 (Prague,Czech Republic)

- Participant of the Workshop in a Mystique Pole Dance in 2016 (Zurich,Switzerland)

- Participant of the Workshop in a Milan Pole Dance in 2016 (Milan,Italy)

- 1st Runner up in MPS Pole Competition 2016 - Premier Division (Hong Kong)

- Champion in the Hong Kong MPS Pole Competition 2015 - First Division (Hong Kong)


Sweeny have been start practising yoga since 2010 and did her 
teacher training from 2012.  With her athlete background, she soon started Yoga teaching from 2013 in SAHK for the special kids. Sweeny is looking forward to leading people toward a deeper level of physical fitness and healthy lifestyle along with mental peace.


Queenie became a yoga teacher before becoming a six-year fitness coach. Has been a mentor training course for Yoga Works since 2007 and has been a recognized mentor for the Yoga Alliance.

Queenie is an X-Game sports enthusiast, learning yoga that the most attractive, in addition to improving the physical condition, but also to make the body become light, in addition to yoga from the physical, spiritual and emotional development, but also bring calm The mood and emotions. Through learning and teaching, Queenie hopes to allow more friends to experience the benefits of yoga, the enthusiasm of the students and often gathered in the classroom, you can share the fun and growth.