Dance Instructors


Latin Dance, Wedding Dance

Connie started Ballet dance in the age of 3 and has been participated in different performances until the age of 12. While in university, she began to practice Chinese dances and has been performing for different public events. Upon graduation from University, she started to feel interests in western dances, so she took up dance lessons from professional and well-known dance instructors over the years on both Latin and Ballroom dances and have been invited to perform at numerous private parties, events and special functions. She has also competed in different open dance contests and won a number of prizes



Charissa was graduated from HongKong Academy For Performing Arts in Morden Dance Major . She earned three times scholarships furthered her dance study in USA. 

Charissa started to study Latin and Ballroom dance in year 2000. She won the Latin dance championship at HongKong Ballroom Dance competition. 

Charissa is enthusiastic as a dancer and also as dance teacher . 

She believe  Everyone Can Dance ! 

She like to bring Health, self confidence and Beauty to people around her .

Jared Taylor

Jared is a professional ballroom dancer from Brisbane, Australia. He taught and competed for years around Australia before moving to Hong Kong to further his career in 2016. 

He can teach both latin and ballroom to a competition standard. Jared is a former South Pacific Ten dance champion, Australian Ten Dance champion and at the time of leaving was Australia's highest ranked ballroom dancer.


Zumba Instructor, Dance Choreographer, Fitness Instructor, Parade Dancer, Cheerleader, Choreographer and yoga instructor.

Our friendly and charismatic Filipino Zumba Instructor, Ram. Passionate about dancing since his school years, he has been participating in lots of dance associations and performance. Currently a member of the Dance Sport Council of the Philippines, Aerobics & Fitness Association of America and Zumba Instructors Network.


Instructor, Dancer and Performer

He has worked for many big companies, concerts, and events locally and internationally.

He was one of the pioneer performers of Hongkong Disneyland which opened on the year 2005. His passion and dedication in dancing gave him an edge to excel in various dance genres such as Jazz, modern dance, contemporary, Hip hop, ballet, and dance fitness.

Aside from choreography classes, he is teaching dance programs such as Zumba, funky dance, and Aerobics. 

Kamong & Edith

Professional and Popular Argentina Tango Instructors & Performers

Edith and Kamong are the most popular, creative and energetic Argentina Tango dancers and teachers in Hong Kong. In 1999, they followed and learnt the dance from the most famous masters in the world. With ballet and modern dance knowledge and experience, they are leading Argentina Tango to a new direction and style. They develop their own close embrace style which makes their dance look more exciting and dynamic, yet retaining the elegance of classic style.

Edith started classic ballet training since age of 8 and has studied Modern Dance (Martha Graham Technique) already a decade. The Argentine Tango was introduced to Edith in 1999. After that she was fanaticized by the tango.

Edith has studied Salon style and Milonguero style with different tango masters. With her own dance experience and tango training, she developed her own unique “Dynamic boleo” and “Nature Gancho” technique. Her solid classic ballet background makes her Salon Tango look more elegant and traditional; she also enriches her Nuevo tango with her Modern dance technique. Edith is the youngest, most inspired and beautiful tango dancer and teacher in Hong Kong.

Kamong has learned the Argentine tango in Montreal, 1998. Under the tango atmosphere in Montreal, he was deeply touched by the sensuality of the tango and quickly acquired the fundamental technique. From 1999 till now, Kamong has learned traditional and new style tango with various tango masters. In order to enrich his tango skill, he has learned “Tai Chi” from 2001. Now the theory of Tai Chi’s “聽勁” and “槓桿借力” are within Kamong’s leading technique. By bringing oriental art into traditional tango dance, Kamong is quietly starting a revolution to redefine “Tango”.

Kamong studied Design Art and Contemporary Dance in Concordia University, Montreal, Canada (1996-1999). In the dance school he was trained as a professional dancer. Kamong learned Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen’s “Body-Mind Centering” somatic education, Emotional Anatomy and also an important new dance form called “Contact Improvisation” which strengthens his improvisation technique. After his graduation, He performed in a few modern dance shows in Montreal and Hong Kong between 2000 and 2002.

With a lot of performance in TV show and movie experience, you can see their dance from different media.